Monday, October 20, 2008

In the fields again

Our fields have dried out enough that soybean harvest and wheat seeding could resume today. The rain and cool weather last week stopped harvest and seeding until the fields were dry enough that our equipment would not leave ruts, and that the moisture of the soybeans plants was low enough to properly harvest. I started seeding a field this afternoon as soybeans were still being harvested from it, if I had a camera I would have pictures of it to share.
With the soil temperature being low I have increased the amount of wheat seed from 95 pounds per acre to 105 pounds per acre. The reason for having more seeds to the acre is because cool soil slows the process that seeds go through to start growing and we won't have enough plants in the field. If we have too many plants it will reduce the amount of seed the wheat seed to be harvested and if a disease gets into the wheat it is harder to get rid of. Not enough plants will also reduces the seed to be harvested and weeds will become a problem, weeds rob water and nutrients that crops need and also makes harvest more difficult.

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GMO Pundit said...

Good to see this Blog. Im partulary interested in photos of farms. I have some good pix of canola in Australia if you ever need them

cheers David