Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corn planting down on the farm

Quite a bit has happened down on the farm since my last update. All of our corn is planted and growing nicely. There have been rain delays and we are late getting started planting soybeans and full season sunflowers. Our wheat is headed out and enjoying the added rain and cool weather as it enters the grain fill period.
Planter 1
A picture of our corn planter. We can plant 12 rows spaces 30 inches apart.
Another picture of our planter. The big tank holds fertilizer, plant nutrients, we apply all the fertilizer at planting time spaces 2 inches the side and 2 inches below the seed. Putting this much fertilizer any closer to the seed causes problems for the seed's germination, when the seed transforms to a plant.
Here the corn is spiking through the soil.

corn,seedling,family farm,farm
Here the corn plant is dug up showing how the roots are developing. It's still living off the seed until the roots and leaves become better developed.

Here is what our corn looked like a couple of weeks ago. It's growing very nicely despite the cold, wet weather we have been having lately.