Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grain bin view

Tonight while transferring pictures from my phone to computer I found some that I had taken in early July during wheat harvest for a blog post.

I was sitting on top of a grain bin that we were filling with wheat during harvest looking around. It had been quite awhile since I had sat up there and took in the view. I appologize for the poor pictures, phone cameras just don't work like top end telephoto cameras.

This is the bin that we were filling with wheat, we raise Hard Red Winter Wheat the kind used for bread baking.

The truck sitting at the auger that is used to convey the grain to the bin.

This is looking to the southeast, the trees on the hill is where my great great grandparents put down roots after stints in different parts of the county. There is a mix of crop land and native range land in this stretch of a mile and half between the bin and old farmstead.

Looking to the east. If you look past the field of brome hay to the wheat field with Marestail is growing in fairly evenly spaced rows. This field had been in soybeans planted in 30 inch row spacing.

Looking to the south. More of the brome hay field that great granddad established when he bought this parcel in the 50's, I think that is what I was told. Where it looks brown past the hay field is seeded to grain sorghum. The green to the right of it is soybeans. Trees line a creek that winds through a pasture that is still in native prairie grass.

This is looking directly to the northeast. The tin shed was a hog barn that is now just storage. The open sided shed was originally used to store small square bales of hay, now the livestock trailer, a wheat truck, and a couple of headers for the combines reside there. The field behind had been hog pens off and on most of my childhood, at one time much of the area where we were unloading the truck was also a hog pens.

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Mark Gelazy said...

I've seen harvests too, only much more =). I work in to develop the device for moistening the grain in the stream and want to say that such harvests I have not seen.